The OCD- fianl script

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The first time i think i ‘realized’ i had obsessive compulsive disorder is when i was about 12, I just started to realize at school I would set my pens and pencils to one side of me and my paper and note pad to the other and I’d always put chairs back in place not just mine but everyone’s.

I noticed it at home to, for example i would eat a pack of m&m’s alphabetically according to color  

Some people come up to me seeing me perform one of my ‘pointless’ actions and say something like ‘Oh, you’re OCD! and i would reply ‘yes, i am’ and then they would go ‘I’m OCD too’, then ‘ I reply would reply again ‘so you have a voice inside your head telling you what to do’, ‘no’ they would then reply, and I would say to them ‘so you have a habbit not OCD, you have controll over what you do’ 

I never take for granted what things i do control, hobbies for example, i play bass guitar, i write stories and i collect and paint miniatures, these give me a great deal of, pleasure i suppose cause of the fact that i have the control in these circumstances.

it’s something you just get used too i suppose and you just have to live with it and deal with it as each day comes.


The outsiders- The OCD

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The final edit of our group documentry

The OCD: 1st script draft

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The first time I think i ‘realised’ i had obsesive compulsive dissorder is when I was about 12, I just started to realise that somethings i did were out of the ‘norm’!

my friends sort of reinforced this when they asked why I did these the things I did, like why I would organize my desk in the same way, always put chairs back in the place they were in for example. 

not many people know what OCD is in a way.  Most people I believe have an idea of what it is but don’t fully understand it and that is natural in it’s own right. 

OCD has been portrayed in entertainment as the butt of a joke in some cases but don’t acknowledge it as a what can be in some cases a serious condition. I do tend to make a joke out of it sometimes, but it’s really frustrating when you know you don’t have full control over you’re actions.

you constantly have this hidden voice compelling you to do these actions and as much as you may want to fight it… you cant. 

it does in infuriates me when people say to me that ‘oh we all do that sort of thing!’ or ‘you don’t HAVE to to do those things’ and I’m like yes I do, if you had it you would understand! But in a way everyone is a little OCD, where they will do something they’re compelled to do like me but the major difference is that  they’re many more ‘actions’ I have too which is what OCD is in a sense.

I never take for granted what things I do control, hobbies for example, I play bass guitar, I write stories and I collect and paint miniatures, these give me a great deal of, pleasure I suppose cause of the fact that I have the control in these circumstances.

It’s something you just get used too I suppose and you just have to live with it and deal with it as each day comes.

section 2- evaluation

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Personally this has been a very insightful production, my group has accomplished a lot throughout the entire production and with very little problems along the way. As a group we have worked really well together and it is my hope that we can continue to work together on future productions. Everyone has put in a lot of effort into this production and I feel that we have accomplished what we set ourselves.   

We wanted to create a documentary that would really appeal to people and give them a better understanding of the condition know as obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD. to do this we wanted to make sure we had a good subject, strong character, clear narrative and stylised visual stimuli. To achieve this we all set our selves roles for the course of the production and keep in frequent contact with one another which is essential for a production to work. For the visuals we all pitched in ideas to help convey to the audience what OCD is like for people who have it and it was the job of our director Tom to visualise this on-screen, he really managed to get the best out of what we had developed during the pre-production phase aswell as editing the piece. Chris acted as our cameraman, he worked well with the surroundings getting in where ever tom needed to be and contributing some ideas on the shoot. Josh set up all the lighting for the shot he planned out the lighting plan and set it up for the shoot, working with Chris they both manged to achieve the right look and atmosphere we were working towards. I myself produced the film gathered all essential research and scripted the documentary so we had something to work with. 
After the 1st cut of the film was put together and was viewed by the seminar group we had some constructive feedback to work on for the second cut of the film and eventually the third cut. the 1st cut was very simple to begin with as it mostly composed of the interview it’s self and we noticed that the lighting was a little harsh in some places. One thing stood out after the feedback which was to do with the notion of adding more elements of OCD and pictures of myself.

Through out the production team work in my personal opinion is our biggest strength as we all worked really well together, contributed ideas for the final film, kept well communicated throughout the production via in person, phone and Facebook. this proved essential for the production to work and we found our selves ahead of schedule which gave us time to perfect our film before its first full showing to the rest of the seminar group. I’m very proud at what we managed to accomplish as a group as we accomplished all that we set out to do. 

I think the only real problems we encountered was during the first presentation of the rough first cut of our film as the rest of the seminar group complained about the overall meaning of what the film is trying to say to an audience. they argued that we were more focused on the style than the message that we were trying to convey and that it lacked emotional connection, so with this in mind we set out to give it a more emotional connection between the subject and the audience. I feel that we have managed to achieve this in the final cut of the film. One other matter was the issue of idea development, though we had some idea on what we wanted to do we were a little slow in reaching a final idea to make into a film. after we did reach the final idea we worked hard to make up for lost time. 

Theres not a lot that we could have done better strictly speaking although there was the odd difficultly faced that we couldn’t foresee happen but only to prepare for what ever may occur during the production. I have learnt a number of things along the way such as how to operate the Sony z-1 camera, how to get the most out of lighting a shot, get the most out of an interview. Also I feel that I have learnt more about working in a team contributing more to the ideas process and I aim to keep this level of improvement up and use what i have learnt for near future projects.


Group Treatment: The OCD

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this is a group treatment for our film; The OCD

Our film will follow a day in the life of someone who as the mental condition obssessive compulsive dissorder . Looking into the habbits of the subject as they take us through their life so far with the condition how it has affetced their lifestyle  and personallity. This documentry will delve into the mental state of OCD, looking into the routine and prehapes over emphasising it to a dregree.

1st part is looking at the morning routine hat sort of actions are performed by the subject looking how it may differ from the more ‘normal’ routine everyone else may be more used to.  Maybe again overenphasising the actions to reflect the condition the subject is controlled by, giving the audiance an idea of what the subject goes through everyday.

2nd part is folowing the subject around for the day what compulsive actions the subject performs during this time and cut with interviews of the subject talking to us about their life with the condition and talking the audinace through what OCD is and how it makes the subject different to evryone else why the subject feels the need to do these actions, how it affects the subject personally and proffestionally.

The end the piece with a question to the subject about whether the subject could see themself living without this condition.

In other words:

Scene 1 – Introduction

A V.O. explaining in brief what O.C.D. is, played over film and images of subject. The audience would see the start to the subject’s day; walking up, eating breakfast, cleaning teeth etc. After cleaning his teeth we see the subject move into the living room, and sit on a chair.

Scene 2 – O.C.D.

An interview with the subject is used to establish how O.C.D. affects his life. The sound will be laid over film and stills of how O.C.D. affects him; e.g. turning a light on and off. The lighting in the interview will be important to create the right mood. The subject’s own personality would influence this to some extent, though I feel that a dark and atmospheric mood will create a good effect.

Scene 3 – If Only…

This could be filmed on location in a place that is familiar and special to the subject. Questions could be asked whilst walking, or sat down on a bench or wall. From this we would try to gauge just how much of a strong-hold O.C.D. has over the subject, and if he could get rid of it, would he?

Our film will ask what O.C.D. is, and how it affects a person who has it in day-to-day life. It will ask what the stigmas attached to it are, and how that affects the subject. How strongly does it affect your mind, and if the affects could be changed or removed, would he want them to be? This is what we will try to answer.

The OCD 2nd cut

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the OCD 1st cut

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